Stoke Hill Quarry

Located in Midford Lane, Limpley Stoke, just off the A36 south of Bath, this quarry was requistioned by the Ministry of Aircraft Production in 1940 for the storage of engines produced at Spring Quarry. This was never realized and occupation was transferred to the Ministry of Supply in 1943 for explosives storage totalling 4000 tons of TNT. The roof in this quarry was re-enforced by numerous brick built pillars.

After the war the then redundant quarry remained untouched. It was reopened in 1982 and quarrying resumed in 1984 by The Bath Stone Group (Johnston Quarry Group) to extract the high grade Stoke Ground. The main entrance to the quarry is an inclined roadway and this entrance is now the primary access to all the Stoke quarries underground.

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