Conkwell Quarry

On the border with Bathford and Somerset, Conkwell Quarry is on the edge of the highland above the valley. The faces are very overgrown, but large areas of rock can still be seen. James Byfield, took stone from Conkwell for 7 years at £20 a year from 1830. Stone was taken down to the canal, to a wharf at Dundas Aqueduct, by an inclined tramway. It is now a steep gully, but erosion has not yet removed a couple of stone sleepers that held the track.

Conkwell Tramway.jpg

There is a boulder-filled crack which is a natural slip rift at the northern end of the ‘cliff’ at Conkwell. The narrow entrance gives access to a 12ft climb down into a 18 ft long rift passage, which trends to the north. There is one short side passage to the east.

Directly opposite the farm entrance there are further workings however, new buildings were erected at the farm during the 1950’s and a large amount of site debris was dumped over the part of the cliff containing the quarry entrance. No sign of an entrance now remains but it’s reported that the quarry totalled some 200m and the passages were on two levels


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