This website is dedicated to the record of the Bath Stone quarrying history, from the geology to the people and the places. It is not intended for profit or reward but to create a dynamic archive of knowledge for future enthusiasts to draw on.

It is a collection of material from every source available, including photographs and video taken in the subterranean world where the stone once lay undisturbed for aeons. As the stone has again become necessary for renovation works, the quarries have seen a revival after the decline of the 1960’s when concrete and other atificial building materials became popular. Thus, the history is still evolving and as a consequence, parts of this record may become out of date and require amendments from time to time.

In order to view certain media files, a login and account is required. If you wish to have access, please send an email with an introductory note.

Certain material recorded here may also be copyrighted, and if you believe this to be the case, please make contact on and it will either be removed or attributed correctly.  Also, there are bound to be errors and ommisions and any corrections or submissions will be gratefully received.

Images: Farleigh Down Quarry