Bath Stone Companies

Below is a list of known companies and quarry owners involved in the quarrying of Bath stone over the years. It is not in any particular order and some of the companies were renamed for one reason or another. It appears that due to the nature of quarrying, there is a significant future liability risk due to stability, access, environmental and rehabilitation and seems it is financially beneficial for companies to be disolved once the extraction has been completed, thus making the responsibility for any potential future issues difficult to pinpoint.

Samuel Watson

Eyles (Thomas, James, Joseph)

William J Collins

James Mills

Thomas Brookman

Northey Stone Company Ltd.

United Stone Firms Ltd.

John Watson

James Carter

George Yeeles

John Wiltshire

Henry Spackman

George Fluester

Rogers and Rawlings

Yockney and Hartham Park Stone Co. Ltd.

Sheppards (James, Thomas)

Kingston Minerals

Anthony Web

James Byfield


Henry Shellard

Shellard and Son

Ralf Allen

George Bethell

(L? Isaac)

Longs (William Jr.)


George Davidge

William Smith

William Jones Brewer

G.C. Mann

John Hancock and Sons

Charles Conolly

Herbert Jones

F. C. Tipper


J. Vaughan

George Butt and Sons

Henry Shellard and Son

Jack Hill

The National Landscaping & Tennis Court Co.

Randell and Saunders Ltd.


Richard Joseph Marsh and Company Ltd.

Pictor and Sons Ltd. (Job)

Sumsions (J? and Isaac)

Lucas and Allard

Strenic Construction Co. Ltd.

Samuel Rowe Noble

Bathite Ltd.

James Clapp

Stone Brothers Ltd.

H Stone and Sons

Bath Stone Firms Ltd.

The Bath Stone Company Ltd.

Corsham Stone Company Ltd.

Marsh Son and Gibbs Ltd.

Lucas and Kinnear

Stone Brothers Ltd.

Elm Park Stone Ltd.

Elm Park Bath Stone Ltd.

Wessex Stone Ltd.

Wessex Dimensional Stone Ltd.

Park Lane Bathstone Ltd.

Blockstone Ltd.

Ham and Doulting Stone Co Ltd.

The Stone Firms Ltd.

Bath and Portland Stone Ltd.

Hanson Bath and Portland Stone Ltd.

Hanson Quarry Products Ltd.

Hartham Bath Stone Ltd.

Hartham Park Bath Stone Ltd.

Lovell Stone Group Ltd.

The Bath Stone Company Ltd.

ARC Ltd.

Johnston Stone Ltd.

Johnston Quarry Group Ltd.


Stoke Hill Minerals Ltd.

The Bath Stone Group Ltd.