Travellers Rest Quarry

Originally access to this quarry was via a huge vertical shaft operarated by Marsh and Co. similar in age and design to Cathedral Quarry although possibly earlier having been originally quarried in 1810 and being the first quarry in Wiltshire to have a vertical winding shaft powered by a Jinny Ring. This quarry is adjacent to the A4 near the house called Traveller’s Rest at the end of Guyer’s Lane. There was an earlier surface quarry to the west of the house.

Underground, there is evidence of early cranes having been employed here – this can be seen by the three Lewis holes in the ceiling which supported the upright of the crane before Chogs were used.

Travellers Rest Quarry later became joined to Pickwick Quarry and Hartham Park Quarry underground. The vertical access shaft is now capped over