Hartham Park Quarry

Originally Hartham Park No.1 Quarry this is located to the north of the A4 more recently known as Copenacre since being converted as a Royal Naval Stores Depot. Originally linked to Corsham station by means of a tramway joining the line to Hudswell Quarry this quarry had one slope shaft and a travelling crane. Worked by Marsh Son and Gibbs and Yockney and Hartham Park Stone Co. Ltd. it has has since been opened as a working quarry again with a new slope shaft entering the quarry from the south of the yard at a gentle gradient for the use of wheeled loaders rather than cable winch. Currently quarried by the Lovell Stone Group, the company agreed a deal to take over the lease of the site from Hanson with effect from effect from 1 February 2016. In 2022 they purchased the freehold of the mineral rights with 900,000 tonnes of stone estimated remaining.

The original slope shaft was used as an emergency exit during the Navy’s occupation and the old stone yard is now the site of Park Lane Trading Estate – The Corsham Quarry Museum which opened here in 1986 after moving from Monks Park Quarry used the nearby Pickwick Quarry slope shaft which passes a couple of feet beneath the Hartham shaft heading and was constructed to allow better access to Pickwick Quarry to the north without hindering access to Hartham Park Quarry to the west. Several long headings were blasted in different directions looking for good quality stone, most of which were used for access to neighbouring quarries at different periods in time.

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