Pickwick Quarry

Pickwick Quarry adjoins Travellers Rest Quarry, also known as Hartham Park No.2 Quarry is located to the north of the A4 and was also linked underground to Hartham Park No.1 Quarry to the south or Copenacre Quarry as it became known as. This quarry consists of an elongated area running west to east with a long north to south heading, with few side passages. The Holder family were some of the last to work this quarry between the wars. This area was used for Admiralty storage during the wartime for depth charges, bombs and small arms, although was only converted to minimum standards.

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A lift was installed in Owen Bishop’s shaft to the north western end and narrow gauge tramway used to transport the munitions underground. Electric lighting was installed and can still be seen today. It is not clear where the boundaries are nowadays as the original huge vertical access shaft owned by Mr. Marsh was later abandonned in favour of a slope shaft with 159 steps south of the Bradford Road a long distance from the main quarry. The shaft was sunk around 1900 by Mr. Moules of Colerne thus linking the quarry via the tramway to the Corsham stone wharf. This heading passes underneath the Hartham Park Quarry slope shaft heading with a clearance of only a couple of feet and this currently in use again for the extraction of stone. Pickwick Quarry has a total area of 81,000 sq. ft. plus Travellers Rest Quarry of 20,000 sq. ft.

Since 2010 the quarry has been used for disposing of backfill from the expanding Hartham Park Quarry and for ventilation and emergency exit from the adjacent workings. It is expected that all of the quarries mentioned above including Brewers Yard Quarry will sometime become indistinguishable from each other by future quarrying activities.

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