Groundstone Quarry

This was a small quarry also known as Brewer’s Drift between Box Quarries and Tunnel Quarry north east of Stone’s No.4 Quarry worked by William Jones Brewer. Totalling 46,290 sq ft.

Possibly known as Box No.6 Quarry. The stone here is classed as Box Ground and is the most easterly found stone of this type before the Corsham Ground beds

The area later known as the ‘wind tunnel’ was constructed to the south of the quarry by blasting a heading in order to make stone extraction easier downhill via Tunnel Quarry to Corsham Station underground rather than uphill to Clift Quarry or to the surface via a slope shaft. In 1943 this was utilised for the air inlet to Tunnel Quarry ammunition depot and later due to security concerns relating to the nearby employees at Spring Quarry, a new air passageway to the north was constructed through the old workings allowing 400,000 cu ft per minute of air to be drawn in from the re-inforced Delta Rectangle Shaft to the west. The passageway was dug using Samson Coal Cutters as evidence can be seen from the arc shaped cuts on the stone walls, the side passages were closed off with asbestos sheets which was thought to improve the airflow.

Groundstone Quarry.jpg

No entrances directly from the surface are recorded but it’s likely that access to this quarry was gained via Stone’s slope shaft to the south west or Clift Quarry to the north west