Gripwood Quarry

Also known as Frome Road Quarry, Jones Hill Quarry, Bradford on Avon 9, Woodside Quarry, there are large access doors into this quarry, the entrances being level into the hillside. At some stage, Gripwood Quarry was divided into two separate quaries by a series of block walls. One of these was breeched in 2009.

Gripwood Entrance.jpg

Gripwood Quarry originally worked by L Jones, was still active until at least 1911 quarrying for stone. Between 1984 and the 1990s, Darlington mushrooms used it for cultivation. It was offered for sale in April 2011 and was described as a “Disused quarry consisting of 1.7 acres of land with buildings, which gives access to an extensive underground stone quarry of approximately 2 acres.”

The quarry was notified as a SSSI in 1951 as site of considerable historical, palaeontological and stratigraphic interest. It is the only location to see the junction between the Bradford Clay and the underlying limestones of the Great Oolite.

Aat the south eastern edge of underground quarry┬áis the “Tunnel Entrance”. It is located in a rockery of the private garden of Hillside Lodge and has been infilled from the surface leaving a small pipe visible

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