Godwin’s Quarry

Godwins Quarry or Westwood Quarry East has an obvious gated entrance is at the end of a short section of quarry access roadway, which connects to Avoncliff Lane, on the bend, immediately north of Upper Westwood farm. Also known as the Agaric Entrance. Godwin’s was the first recorded underground quarry in Westwood. Stone extraction underground began in 1804 and the date is graffitied on a pillar not far inside the entrance. The entrance and workings were used after 1926 by the Agaric Mushroom Company when they had to vacateĀ  Tunnel Quarry in Corsham due to a virus which contaminated the mushroom beds. The quarry suffered from an earth tremor in 1934 when chains were used to brace the pillars which were starting to fracture.

Closeup Crushed Pillar Westwood.jpg

At the north eastern end of the quarry is an air shaft with a top resembling a large chimney. A large fire was lit at the base of this shaft which created a draft and ventilation for the mushroom beds below.

Godwins Air Shaft.jpg

In 1938 this quarry too suffered from the virus which closed the operation at Tunnel Quarry. ending the mushroom era at Westwood. The quarry was requistioned for war use in 1940 along with most of the other potentially useful quarries in the area.

Godwins Quarry Entrance.jpg

the entrance was used in the Second World War as an emergency exit from the Royal Enfield shadow factory in the adjacent Westwood Quarry area. It was also used as an emergency exit from the 20th century quarry workings in Westwood Quarry to the south.

Godwins Entrance.jpg

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