Mount Pleasant Quarry

Up to nine entrances served the small underground workings of this quarry there are also open cast workings. It was operated in 1871 by Stone Bros. By 1930 it was operated by Bathite Ltd. and worked an area of approximately one hectare underground between the wars and again in the 1980s. Planning permission is registered for an area of approximately 0.7 hectares to be extracted, but these small reserves are unlikely to be economically viable.


The eastern part of the quarry was completely backfilled in the 1980s to allow playing fields to be built. The western part of the quarry still exists, disused and closed off. This part was briefly worked between the wars and again in the 1980s.

The quarry has not operated since the mid-late 1980s but was connected to Grey Gables Quarry in 2006 by Edmund Nuttall Limited for bat conservation


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