Lodge Hill Quarry

Quite a large quarry east of Shaft Road worked in the 1800s and closed 1934-5 having covered an area of 6.5 acres. Also known as Shaft Mine, Shaft Road Quarry, Shaft Road Mine, this has a small regular system of workings and there are a number of main galleries like wheel spokes from the entrance. the quarry was very shallow, only a few feet below the surface.

The stone from Lodge Hill was used in the restoration of Henry VII’s Chapel at Westminster in 1819. It was owned by the Vaughan-Jenkins family. Issac Sumsion was listed as quarry master in 1833 and in 1858 it was being worked by Thos. Shepherd, J. Davidge, J. Sumsion, Henry Stone and J. Vaughan. later owned by the Bath Stone Firms Ltd.