Coxe’s Quarry

Coxe’s Quarry to the west of Combe Road extends to the pub on Rock Hall Lane also known as Prior Park Quarry, Collibee’s Quarry and Mushroom Mine.

Quarrying on Combe Down has taken place since the Roman era. John Leland travelling to Bath in 1540 noted quarries south of the city of Bath, and a larger quarry on his second visit a while later. Oluf Borch in 1663 mentions underground workings near Bath, both most likely at Combe Down. Lots of the open workings have now been filled and built over. The earliest date noted in the quarry marked on a sawn face is 1821.

Under the entrance building of the Ministry of Defence was Coxe’s Vertical Shaft Mine. This was worked after 1900 but had closed by the mid 1930’s, There was a vertical shaft
and the mine was rather small as in most places where there were shafts, cranes were used. Latterly owned by Combe Down (Bath) Freestone Co. Ltd

In 1731, Allen built the Combe Down tram road – a new type of tramway which had a single track. The descending truck ran down by gravity and empty ones were pulled up by horses. The stone was carried in small but very strong square wagons, mounted on small wheels running on low platforms.
again to receive its load

This ajoins Byfield Quarry and Firs Quarry, closed in 1935, was later used as a mushroom farm (Byfield Farm Mushrooms) and now sealed with expanded concrete

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