Moor Park Quarry

Also known as Westwells Quarry, Kinnocks and Hawthorn Quarry, this is a self contained quarry of 100,000 sq. ft. with one slope shaft and an airshaft or more likely originally a trial shaft. The bottom of the slope shaft can be seen from anywhere inside, such is the extent of the workings. This quarry does not connect to the nearby larger quarries.

Moor Park 1948.jpg

The photo above was taken in Moor Park in 1948

Quarried originally in 1894 by a Sheppards and Son, this quarry tended to flood badly and was difficult to work, there was a stone yard on the surface used until the 1980’s processing crushed stone and sawing blocks. Requisitioned by the MAP in the second world war but not used, the quarry was later used to test suitability of Samson coal cutters to cut stone in 1948 – the Bath Stone Firms Ltd. bought machines 6065, 6066 and 6067 from the War Office. The trial was a success and these machines were later used in 1952 at Monks Park Quarry In the 1990’s the quarry was used for settling out the waste stone dust slurry from the stone masons yard above.

Houses have subsequently been built on the stone yard and slope shaft


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