Clubhouse Quarry

This quarry is located in Neston, named after the Neston Club opposite and sunk for the Fuller family of Neston Estate. This quarry proved unprofitable possibly due to shallow beds of stone. It has a 17,000 sq ft. total area with a slope shaft and an air shaft. The slope shaft was filled in sometime during the early 60’s and is probably located between two bunglalows number 26 and 28 on Fleetwood Close, the concrete capped airshaft is in the garden of number 24 Church Rise next to the road.

In the twenties Neston Estate installed a mortar and plaster making plant eventually using up all the waste on the surface. They also supplied some to the Strenic Construction Company which were a reconstituted block making firm at the old gas works in Pound Mead.

During the war this quarry was leased to De La Rue in March 1943 for the storage of foreign currency banknotes that they printed. A ventillation system was installed and three vaults built along with railway track for moving the heavy banknotes into them. The notes were worthless after the war and were eventually removed and destroyed soon afterwards.

The quarry was used for a short time to grow mushrooms which also wasn’t successful.



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