Brockleaze Quarry

Also known as Wansdyke Quarry or Goblin’s Pit. this quarry is located off the Brockleaze road in south Neston. It has a single slope shaft and an air/trial shaft.

Quarrying started here in 1900 but the stone beds were shallow and unproductive. Quarrying ceased in 1939 when the war department acquired the quarry which was converted to a temporary Royal Navy ammunition store. In 1941 the site was closed and storage was moved to purpose built storage elsewhere. The site was unused for a time until in 1957 Wansdyke Security converted the mine in to a complex of underground secure vaults. Wansdyke Security was created by Bath and Portland Stone Firms Ltd and still operate at this 40,000 sq ft. site today for secure storage and as a vehicle depot.

Neston (Wansdyke) Main Shaft close up.jpg

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