Hudswell Quarry

Hudswell Quarry was worked by Bath Stone Firms Ltd. It had 2 large shafts (one up one down counterbalanced lifts) and a crane and was served by a tramway. It ceased working in 1914. The two quare concrete caps over the shafts can still be clearly seen today.

Hudswell Quarry was taken over by the War Department in 1936 and incorporated into the larger Tunnel Quarry Central Ammunition Depot storage districts 7, 8 and 9. District 9 was strenghthened slightly more than the rest of the storage depots and more uniform in layout with more headroom than the majority of the depot. Consequently, this was chosen to be used for later military purposes in 1988. Balfor Beatty converted this quarry for the MOD into the ‘Corsham Computer Centre’ which remains secret to this day

Huddswell Twin Lift Caps.jpg
CCC Entrance.jpg

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