Brookmans Quarry

Brookman’s Quarry in Tormarton has underground workings, it is pencilled on a map of the Manor of Tormarton dated 1763.


The entrance to the quarry is an inclined slope where the hauling road descends from the surface down to the floor of the quarry. The freestone is wedge bedded i.e. the strata is inclined. There is a large vertical shaft not far from the entrance presumably used as the original method of stone extraction as the galleries extend from this point like spokes of a wheel.

Thomas Brookman a farmer worked it up to 1863, from 1864 it appears to have been worked by the Badminton Estate, in 1887 seventy four tons of stone was recorded as being quarried here. Quarrying continued up to 1916 when the enterprise closed. In the summer of 1936 Owen Bishop of the Bath and Portland Stone Firms Ltd sunk a shaft in the floor of the quarry in order to test the nature of the stone at a greater depth.

Brookmans Surface.jpg

Tormarton stone was used for the restoration of Acton Turville Church in 1853, for the new font and the pillars and arches which separate the Aisles from the Nave and the corbels supporting the roof. A new font was supplied to West Littleton church in 1856.

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