Park Lane Quarry

Park Lane Quarry dug by Randell and Saunders in 1886 and later the Bath Stone Firms Ltd. is located midway between Neston and Whitley half a mile south of Ridge Quarry. It stands alone with no nearby road access until 2013 when a new access road was made to the north. The stone here is very fine with few joints and this quarry tended to flood after snow. Flood marks can still be seen at ceiling height. There was a single slope shaft with 199 steps and three air shafts. Rails were used throughout the quarry. The stables at the bottom of the slope shaft are a fine example with a cobbled floor and wooden stalls still in situ (1995)

Several trial shafts were sunk around the quarry area prior to working – these would usually be connected once the quarrying commenced but at least four remained isolated from the workings. 56 men were employed here underground in 1894

Quarrying here ceased during the war years, restarted again in 1948 until 1960 when the slope shaft was blocked up and filled in. The last hand picking was done by Bill Inchly at Park Lane Quarry in the 1950s

Due to demand for Bath Stone some years later in 2013 Ham and Doulting Stone Ltd. reopened the Park Lane Quarry but later sold the lease to Blockstone Ltd. who constructed a second nearby slope shaft to the north east at a much shallower angle for accessing the quarry with wheeled loaders. They have installed a block cutter underground to square the stone prior to bringing to the surface which makes handling storage and transport much easier.

Prior to re-working the size of the quarry totalled 548,000 sq. ft.


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