Goode’s Hill Quarry

Goodes Hill Quarry lies to the east of Eastlays, it is on the opposite side of the Gastard to Whitley road and is a very small quarry, similar in size to Hollybush with one slope shaft.

This is a relatively recent quarry dug sometime between 1900 and 1920. The stone appears to be of good quality but unfortunately suffers from flooding. Water floods up to the ceiling after a rapid melt of snow or heavy rain. This is the reason that quarrying ceased here, water from the quarries to the west permeates eastwards due to the strata of the rock in this area.

The slope shaft is very impressive as it is stone lined most of the way down the 141 steps. Near the top of the slope is an interesting trough through which water is flowing continuously. Obviously a lot of effort went into the preparation of this quarry as several surface buildings were constructed and evidence of rails being laid underground. The quarry itself consists of one large chamber with no supporting pillars or passages.

Goodes Hill Plan.jpg

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