Stones Quarry

S.R. Stone owned several quarries in the Box area, this is also known as Brown’s No.4 Quarry

No.4 Box Quarry was to the west near No.4 shaft of Box Tunnel and No.5 and No.6 Box Quarry were to the east of the Box Quarries served by an incline shaft just to the north of the railway line in Box Tunnel below.

To the north of the original slope shaft are the two Delta Rectangle Shafts or Webb’s Stores Shafts. Inside the quarry there is a narrow stone staircase leading to an unsafe 20 metre iron ladder, that accesses a brick blockhouse on the surface. The second shaft was enlarged by the MOD and concrete lined to allow ingress of air through the Wind Tunnel to the Central Ammunition Depot, the theory was that the air passing through the cool old workings would naturally loose some moisture before being heated and distibuted undeground.


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