Hampton Down Quarry

Hampton Down or Bathampton Down Quarry was one of Ralph Allen’s earliest ventures. When the river Avon became navigable in 1727 he expolited this and created a tramway from the hill down to the wharf. A tram line or way was constructed. extending from the quarry along the Down, then descending the slope to the edge of a rather steep gorge. The stone here was
unladen and conveyed to Allen’s stoneyard and basin. A lot of the stone here was open cast having little overburden and evidence of this can be seen all over the Down today.

The later 1808 Hampton Down tramway had two narrow lines, the frame and machinery being fixed on the Down. The lines were so adjusted that the descending tram drew up the empty one at the same time, starting, stopping and. speed being regulated by it. At the bottom of the slope, the stone was placed on a sledge invented by Richard Jones, and transferred to the boats at the quay.

It was noted at the time: “Proceeding some distance down the-river on the left side of which an iron railway, from an immense steep height is to be seen. It is curious to observe the iron carriage sent up and down without horses, and by the aid of machinery the vehicles change their position midway, the full one running down to the barge in the canal and the empty one making its way to the top

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